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Full on, full grain: why it’s our leather of choice

For everyday use, leather accessories are the quintessential choice for a classic and sophisticated look. When we look for a new bag, most of us are obsessed with finding the best, ‘top-quality’ leather products, but with so many different types

Press Release: KNOMO secures £3M funding, bags deals with US retailers

Knomo Hamilton Roll-Top Backpack in Grey British bag maker, KNOMO is expanding across the Atlantic securing £3 million investment through private equity firm Rockpool and zipping up deals with US retail giants, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Anthr

Knomad Diaries: My Journey to Working Remotely

“You were selected - Congratulations!” This was the subject line of an email I had received in August last year to join a community of digital nomads to work and explore the world. At the time, I had just started my second year working as a youn

Knomo Trailblazers: Lu Li, founder @Blooming Founders

What do you think the split between male and female VCs is? The result? A meagre 8% female, the statistics for women in tech - across the spectrum of industries - is still shockingly low. Enterprising CEO and Founder Lu Li is a front-runner and role

Faultless in Felt: how to take on this seasons textured trend

It’s that time of year again, where the cold starts to descend, days become shorter, and our daily commuting route becomes all the busier, with those taking shelter from the chilly outdoor conditions. But all is not doom and gloom, autumn is also a

As Seen in Shortlist Magazine, the Knomo Guide to a City Break in Helsinki

Shortlist Magazine 20.10.16, Knomo World Travel Adaptor, iPhone 7 Folio in Chili Leather Frequent travellers will know the feeling. Somewhere at home there’s a drawer, it’s full of cables and other bits of charging paraphernalia – and each tim

Knomad Diaries: 5 Principles for living a happier, more fulfilling life

Most of the time, we strive for happiness in every area of our lives: at work, in relationships, and everywhere in between. Yet there’s evidence that we’re more unhappy than ever. Is it because of the massive influx of technology? We’re hyper-

Knomo Trailblazers: Gabriela Hersham, co-founder @ Huckletree

What would one expect to find inside a ‘community for the curious’? With Steve Jobs’ eternal quote blazing on the wall, watching over a non-stop stream of activity, Shoreditch based coworking space Huckletree is fostering a new generation of e

What is RFID?

Whether you’re hopping on the tube, fast tracking through the border gates on your returning flight, or pacing through self service on your lunch hour, almost all of us use, or have used RFID (radio frequency identification device) technology. It

Knomad Diaries: From Professional Traveller to Entrepreneur

Amanda Shand - entrepreneur, traveller and global Knomad I am a British Entrepreneur, a Female Founder, and a ‘Digital Nomad’ – a label that pretty much sums up my career across the last 15-plus-years. In the past 'Digital Nomad' was a phrase

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