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Thames Collection: Claim Your Freedom

Knomo Cronwell 15" Laptop Roll Top Backpack in Black Knomo Cronwell 15" Cronwell Roll Top Backpack in Black   @gwilymcpugh   Knomo Cronwell 15" Laptop Roll Top Backpack in Black Knomo Hamilton 15" Laptop Roll Top Backpack in Black &nbs

Mini masterpieces: why compact bags are making a comeback

The compact bag is back, and in more styles than ever. From the classic clutch bag, to the mini backpack and the iconic bumbag, these smaller styles are everywhere. But, why has this popular bag style re-emerged of late? And why have classic bag styl

A guide to finding the perfect city bag for urban adventurers

When living and breathing city life, it’s pretty difficult to not appreciate what cities around the world have to offer. From the hustle and bustle of the high street, to peaceful parks and those extraordinary spots you stumble upon. This myriad of

Messenger vs backpack: what's best for the urban cyclist?

Classic bike pannier bags are old news: there’s far too much securing, detaching, and stopping/starting for the dynamic modern cyclist. Urban commuters have ditched this unstable bag, opting for messenger bags and backpacks to keep their bikes bag-

Summer Travel Collaboration: Introducing Ibiza Rocks X Knomo

Ready to rock and roll, on set for the IRH x Knomo Video Late into the summer of 2016, we're ready to release our latest collaboration. We’ve partnered with Ibiza Rocks House to create the perfect unisex travel set to accompany you on all your s

Backpacks and trainers at work? Introducing the new office casual

What does the phrase ‘office casual’ mean to you? If you work in a traditional financial or law firm, even the idea of leaving your tie at home might be a cause for embarrassment, but just look across the street and you’ll see people entering t

#KnomoHoliday Summer Photo Competition

Here at Knomo we know that life isn’t confined to the working week. Whether you’re kicking back relaxing on a beach in Bali or exploring the streets of Paris for the first time, a Life Organised will keep you in charge of your holiday agenda. Wh

From boy to man: the evolution of the messenger bag

Satchel, courier bag, poacher’s pouch: if there’s one style of bag that’s stood the test of time, it is the messenger bag. With the design of the classic across-the-body, over-the-shoulder bag developing to suit the needs of each generation, ho

Spontaneous retreat from the city? How to choose the perfect bag for your trip

Once upon a time we were nervous to take our favourite accessories abroad. Uncertain of the transport we may have to take, waiting times at the airport, or wear and tear our bags might have to bear, most of us would suffice for the most practical and

Boardroom, startup, or solopreneur? How to find a briefcase that means business

If there’s one style of bag that’s stood the test of time, it’s the briefcase. But we’re not talking about the attaché boxes of the past: it’s 2016 and modern briefcases come in all shapes and sizes, functions, and colours.  We’ve spoke

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