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Out of Office

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For the Festive Fashionista: a Gift Guide for the Style Savvy

We all have them: that one friend who always has a beautifully coordinated outfit, or looks effortlessly sharp wherever they may be. Throughout the year, we’ll often call upon them for some much needed style advice, so when it comes to Christmas ti

Four Ways to Outsmart the Family Tech-Head this Christmas

When we get together for occasions, there’s always one family member who prides themselves on their cutting edge technology. At Christmas, these people can prove frustrating to buy for; they’re the sort that’d gladly book a day off work to queu

Knomo Trailblazers: Juliana Zarate, co-founder @ Mucho

A lucky number of us will remember being young, and getting looked after by a seemingly magical older family member. They would know all our favourite things to eat, just how and when we liked them. This sort of food brought people together: it was

Knomad Diaries: "To Be Productive, Put Yourself First"

When we talk about productivity, we often talk about doing more: working harder, smarter, and ultimately faster than anybody else. I used to read so many blogs and articles about productivity hacks and things ‘these famous CEO’s do’ to be more


Knomo Elektronista Digital Clutch in Gold Leather UK Christmas Shopping When is the last day I can order to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas? UK standard delivery: Monday 19th December (before midday) UK next day delivery: Wednesday 21st De

Knomo Trailblazers: Matthew Lenzi, founding member @ Hanno

“A lot of the time, people think of design as aesthetics, like art, something that’s visually pleasing… But really we should be solving problems on a real fundamental level, looking at the root causes of an issue.” Hanno is a digital product


It’s that time of the year of again where we put our prices down as low as possible, to give everyone the chance to get their hands on some of our best products. The KNOMO team have identified what we think are the best deals: we’ve looked at eve

Knomad Diaries: How to Stay Human in the Digital Age

Yesterday I unboxed and set up my new iPhone 7 – an exercise I had been looking forward to since Apple launched the product in September. Other than the upgraded camera, faster processor and free wireless headphones, the part I was most excited abo

Knomo Trailblazers: Babar Afzal, founder @ Pashmina Goat Project

“There’s a seven-inch incision on my back, it’s bleeding right now, it was bleeding on the stage at WIRED last week…” This is the sort of daily danger a nomadic pashmina goat shepherd endures – journeying for weeks at an altitude of 15,0


Coworking spaces represent the next step in the way we work; who needs a fixed desk in a permanent office when you have an internet connection and a laptop. Whether you occasionally finish emails on the train ride home or consider yourself entirely

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