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International Women's Day Spotlight: Lu Li

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International Women’s Day celebrates difference in women - not for being “womanly enough” - but for all types of women.

Have you seen the new Nike advert featuring tennis legend Serena Williams?

Serena was spot on ‘There’s no wrong way to be a woman'.

March 8th is a day to show appreciation for 49.6% of the global population. With that in mind – we want to introduce Lu Li. She’s the founder of Blooming Founders, a leading business social network in London. She’s also the founder of London’s first women-focused business club, Blooms.

knomo-trailblazer-lu-li-founder-women-female-business Lu Li’s began assisting and supporting entrepreneurial women after leaving her corporate job at 28 to create her own future, and her own business. Her organisation Blooming Founders focuses on helping female founders accelerate their startup journeys through high impact events and a supportive community of founders. Alongside this, Lu's book contains 66 inspirational letters from successful female founders, to encourage women who are on their own entrepreneurial journeys. These women offer insights they wished someone had told them when they started out. Dear Female Founder is another example of Lu creating a nurturing environment for female entrepreneurs that did not exist when she started Blooming Founders. The idea behind this is to share knowledge.

Women are strongest when they choose to uplift one another, right?

Asking for help has often been perceived as the last result, and research undertaken by Psychology Today magazine has found that it can be incredibly damaging.

‘Many people wait for everything else to fall apart before contacting a therapist.'

No matter who we are, people often struggle to ask for help. Lu discovered that 70% of female founders start off their businesses by themselves - without a co-founder. She feels that:

“If you start by yourself, it’s just way too hard. You have less resources, less connections and just less opportunities.”

There is nothing wrong with asking for some help and this is what Lu is so passionate about – sharing knowledge and insight to help others. Whether you have just started your own business or have had a business for some time now, there is always something new to learn.

Need some help this month?

Lu has got you covered with many events lined up in London which will bring engaging advice to you about Managing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship to How to be a Woman of Purpose.  Join the upcoming events here.

Blooming Founder’s events feature panel discussions and interviews for their members to learn from experienced female entrepreneurs and industry experts. Not only that but their community host networking socials for enterprising women to collaborate and discuss business ideas. In other words – they have created a think tank platform where you can meet with people and comfortably share and balance thoughts and ideas.  Lu wants to showcase that:

“It’s never too early or too late to start your own business.”

She takes it a step further:

“Put your oxygen mask on first before you help others”.  

It makes sense, don’t you think?

Receiving advice, feedback and encouragement from fellow businesswomen is vital to the success of any startup and is what makes Blooming Founders crucial for entrepreneurial women.

Lu is one of many women in the world who should be celebrated on March 8th for her determination, courage, and for being a woman. With International Women’s Day being increasingly recognised across the world, let’s continue to stretch even further.

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Tobi Agbaje

Tobi calls herself a dreamer because she struggles to answer the question '"What do you do for a living?” A part from being a Communications, Media and Journalism graduate from The University of Buckingham, she enjoys learning about herself and the world. Her interests fall into anything from digital media to artificial intelligence to jazz. She loves that every day leads her to a new adventure. If she’s not learning fresh new nutritious recipes, she’s out for a walk, writing a new short story or discovering more about her Nigerian heritage.