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How To: Own Your Presentation - Pecha Kucha - 20 Slides, 20 Seconds

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Presentations; you either love them or you hate them. But with 75% of people saying they hate talking in front of an audience, it looks like most of us fall into the latter camp. Whether if you’re a fan or if they fill you with fear, everyone who gives presentations wants them to go down well; so next time you have to present, organise yourself and your notes into a Pecha Kucha - 20, 20 second, slides.

Pecha Kucha is a Japanese phrase which translates to mean ‘chit-chat’ or ‘chatter’. A presentation done in this format consists of twenty slides that automatically progress. The speaker spends twenty seconds on each slide so the presentation lasts for six minutes and forty seconds, or, 400 seconds in total.

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We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks on how to create the perfect Pecha Kucha to prepare you for your next presentation.

1. Focus

Choose a topic that you can adequately explain 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The slides are changing as you talk and you don’t have time to go into a lot of detail. Remember: you only get twenty seconds per slide! So choose a topic with a clear, narrow focus.

2. Simplify

Keep your points short in powerful statements. Avoid cramming too many points and make sure you focus on your main message. Organise your presentation by simplifying your points.

3. Tell a Story

Start with an outline and explain the problem. Just as the slides will automatically flow into each other, make sure that what you’re saying has a natural flow too. It’ll be easier for your audience to listen to what you’re saying if you have an Introduction (3 slides) Development (15 slides) and a Conclusion (2 slides).

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4. Less Text, More Images

Images are the best way to display your ideas, especially with the Pecha Kucha style of presentation. Ric Bretschneider, formerly Senior Program Manager for PowerPoint at Microsoft advises: “The most successful Pecha Kuchas don’t use much, if any, text” Remember, 'let your slides show the top of the iceberg while you, the presenter, explain what's beneath the surface'.

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5. Practice

The best way to avoid nerves and ensure that you feel comfortable with your presentation is to practice.

Practice in the mirror, time yourself, do practice presentations with your friends (added benefit that they probably won't know anything about the topic - so if they understand you must have done well!)

Happy Presenting! Or, for more information on putting together your Pecha Kucha presentation, check out this Slideshare HERE

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