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The Knomo Blog
our inspiration for life organised

Knomo Introduces ‘DropGo’ Wireless Charging

In 2014, we released our Knomad Organiser, a single fold-out folio to store everything you need for the day – with a built in portable battery to charge your smartphone or tablet. As the tech we use has evolved, so has our charging capabilities. An

How to become a Digital Nomad

If you’ve had a look at our previous blogs in the series you’ll already know who and what the elusive ‘digital nomad’ is. For those that haven’t, here’s a refresher: A digital nomad decribes someone who has broken free of the traditional

How to get active in the city

This month we experienced the warmest weekend on record for 2017. So, it’s fair to say Londoners: summer is here. That means you can ditch the winter parka, grab yourself some sunnies, and leave the dingy confines of the house (or flat, let’s be

What is a Digital Nomad?

Digital nomads are breaking free of typical work-life norms by frequently changing their paths whenever they feel like it - whether that’s day to day working or larger trips away. They are opting for lives of travel and wanderlust. Technology is th

Street Style Focus: Dalston Collection

There’s no denying the power of street style. Whether in person, on Instagram, or reported by the fashion-following press, there’s just no escaping the beautiful trend. Street style is a real life platform which is now often more of a source of i

Reintroducing: The Thames

All of our collections have their own distinct character. Whether it be the traditional stylings of the Brompton Classic or elegant lines of the Mayfair Luxe. Despite their differences they still retain the same Knomo function — outstandingly orga

Digital nomads: why are they here?

Before the modern world dawned, humans travelled far and wide. Every day we approached the challenges posed for us in order to make it to the next. We were wanderers, travellers, nomads. Thousands of years later, modern life encourage us to be stati

The #LiveFree Backpack on Kickstarter: What to expect

Our Kickstarter project is now live! See the #LiveFree Backpack in full detail HERE. What you need to know:   There is Wireless In-Bag Charging. Our patent-pending design is incorporated into the design of the bag, providing you with a fast,

Knomo SS17: Let Spring Begin

Time for a fresh start. New year, new you – new opportunities, new style. At Knomo, we often focus on the functional aspects of our accessories, the hidden extra features and the everyday benefits that come from being uber-organised. So, here is a

#LiveFree with Polly McMaster, Founder & CEO of The Fold

Polly McMaster & Frances Scorah Knomo: Hi Polly, great to meet with you, can you give a us a quick introduction to yourself and The Fold. Polly: My name is Polly McMaster, I am the founder of womenswear brand The Fold. Our reason for being is to

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