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Fast anything – food, fashion, design - and ecological sustainability can usually feel like two opposing ideas. Grow a chicken in a few weeks when nature dictates it should take a few months - that’s Frankenstein territory right there. This sort

2017: a year in review

Wow, that’s 2017 almost complete. Every year brings it’s new challenges and opportunities to do bigger and better – and the year just gone has certainly been Knomo’s greatest yet. We hope you enjoy reading about some of our most exciting pro

How to upgrade your winter workwear

The east wind of autumn has truly breezed by, and now winter is upon us. With the change in temperature comes the need to update our wardrobes to adapt to the dropping climes.  While the falling temperatures will convince us the only way to stay war

5 Clever Accessories That Make Working Anywhere Easy

Knomo was created to help people live and work wherever they wanted. We’ve all been there – feeling inspired and on a roll when suddenly our gear lets us down! We want the products we use to make life easier for everyone, and to make working on t

The Knomad Organiser: Updated and Upgraded

You spoke, and we listened. We’ve taken years of feedback from the worldwide community of Knomad Organiser users, and we’re proud to introduce the all new and upgraded Knomad Organiser. First – the story so far. We launched the original organis

People of Action: Phil Galloway

Knomo have partnered with Microsoft Surface to celebrate People of Action. In this series, we share the stories of these creative, mobile and innovative individuals who are bringing brilliant ideas to life. --- Phil, thanks so much for joining us. I


We are thrilled to have worked with the V&A to create our first ever print accessories collection, inspired by F. Gregory Brown’s award-winning Art Deco design. Here we take a look at the story behind the bold geometric pattern. In 1925, Paris

6 Essential Tech Accessories (Perfect for Back to School)

If you are like me, a busy mom with a full-time job (working at Knomo always keeps you on your toes!) the thought of the Back to School period is a complete and utter grind. Herding two very busy boys through summer bug camps and long vacation road t

Knomo Introduces ‘DropGo’ Wireless Charging

In 2014, we released our Knomad Organiser, a single fold-out folio to store everything you need for the day – with a built in portable battery to charge your smartphone or tablet. As the tech we use has evolved, so has our charging capabilities. An

How to become a Digital Nomad

If you’ve had a look at our previous blogs in the series you’ll already know who and what the elusive ‘digital nomad’ is. For those that haven’t, here’s a refresher: A digital nomad decribes someone who has broken free of the traditional

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