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TRAVEL GUIDE: 48 Hours in London

Step into the streets where innovation, creativity and history comes together. Day and night, there's always something happening in our much-loved capital. There's no denying that London is a must-visit city to visit, not just for those in the UK bu

6 Essential Tech Accessories (Perfect for Back to School)

If you are like me, a busy mom with a full-time job (working at Knomo always keeps you on your toes!) the thought of the Back to School period is a complete and utter grind. Herding two very busy boys through summer bug camps and long vacation road t


A city of tradition, awe-worthy architecture, and home to the infamous Oktoberfest, Munich is the epitome of Bavarian culture. Being the capital of the southeast state of the country, it stands out from Germany’s other major cities with its own un

An American in London: My Study Abroad Experience

This summer I had the opportunity to do something that I'd dreamed of since I was a kid, watching movies like “The Parent Trap” (the Lindsey Lohan version, of course) and reading every single Harry Potter book. I got to travel to London. This wo

Travel Guide: 48 Hours in Berlin

Once a city divided, Berlin now stands as one of Europe’s leading hubs of culture, entrepreneurship, and technology. It is the only city in the world to have both it’s divisive and free-movement ideologies written into the architecture - truly a

Buy it. Love it. Pay for it later. Use Klarna on

We’ve all been there, about to make a purchase with the nagging thought ‘what if it isn’t right’ in the back of our head. Wouldn’t things be easier if you only had to depart with your money after you had received the product? Introducing Kl

How has tech transformed travel?

Cromwell Roll Top Backpack in Grey In a world that is constantly changing alongside technology, it figures that the way we travel has evolved too. It’s safe to say that technology has a lot to answer for when it comes to the way we book, experienc

An outlander’s take on the 4th of July

I have lived in the United States for eight years now and without fail, one of my favorite holidays is the 4th of July. (Yes, I said “favorite” and not “favourite”. Who am I?) Knomo Audley in Chilli Red Why you ask? Because what other US hol

Knomo Introduces ‘DropGo’ Wireless Charging

In 2014, we released our Knomad Organiser, a single fold-out folio to store everything you need for the day – with a built in portable battery to charge your smartphone or tablet. As the tech we use has evolved, so has our charging capabilities. An

Travelling to the Oslo Freedom Forum

On the 22nd and 23rd May, I had the privilege of attending the 2017 Oslo Freedom Forum on behalf of Knomo. I hope you enjoy reading about the event and our involvement below from my perspective. Franco / Knomo For many of us in the UK or America,

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