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4 Simple Hacks for Organising a Creative Mind

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a creative mind is rarely an organised one.

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On high pressure days, people are 45% less likely to come up with a new idea. Don’t let stress stunt your creativity, and follow these four simple hacks to keep your mind organised.

1. Keep a Calendar, a To-Do List and a Journal

This can and will help you keep track of your creative sparks. We all come up with ideas throughout the day and often forget some of the gems.

Naturally, a calendar will keep you prepared for what’s coming up next.

A to-do list will make sure you’re on top of progress for current projects.

A journal, or diary, will help you remember the what happened in the mad busy day you had.

Always have somewhere to write down ideas and plans – the notes section of your smartphone (like Evernote and similar apps) works great as we almost always have our smartphones on our person.

It’s all about not letting anything slip your mind.

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2. Allow a Little Mess

You didn’t see this one coming, did you?

The truth is a little mess isn’t always a bad thing. A 2013 study in the ‘Psychological Science’ journal suggested that working in a messier office environment can sparks more diverse ideas.

The only issue is falling into the ‘out of control’ zone. Research suggests messy people spend up to 1.5 hours a day either looking for lost items or getting distracted by unrelated notes.

The most important element is comfort in your workspace. We’re not talking about a lazy-boy lounger or a pillow fort - more 'mental comfort'; no reaching over and under loose piles of paper.

3. Arrange Your Desk(top)

As we've said before, a little mess isn’t a bad thing but don’t let it turn into total chaos. Stop wasting time and make sure you know where your things are.

Think of your desk as an extension of your structured mind; this is where ‘that’ belongs.

We all have multiple projects, many different tasks that require very different tools. Make sure these are broken up in front of you; there’s nothing more mind-jarring than retrieving current work from the bottom of an email thread or thick pile of papers.

Tidy Life Organised Desk Source:
knomo creative productivity Knomo AW15: Knomad Shoreditch Organiser

4. Stop Being a Perfectionist

Ever tried convincing a creative person to pass over the small details?

It’s in their nature.

Scope and scale need be established at the beginning of a project. If these details will end up being overlooked – it’s time to move on – a job well done doesn’t simply get better by spending more time on it.

Most importantly; take a break. In our experience, the longer you leave a project before going back to re-work your copy/design/calculations, the more tweaks and changes you’ll notice to make.

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Celina Brar

Student at the University of Bristol. Knomo intern. Loves writing and all things pastel.