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Out of Office

The Knomo Blog
our inspiration for life organised

Luxe Looks For Digital Nomads

Does the thought of bringing your work gear to the beach fill you with dread? In 2018, working holidays are ready to combine work with play in a whole new way. Gone are the days of backpacking heavy loads of unwashed clothes to tick off an ‘authent

Freedom through technology? Or from it?

I’m Will Harvey – Innovation Lead for creative agency VCCP. We work with some of the largest challenger brands in the UK and globally (such as Cadbury, TFL, O2, Easyjet and Compare the Market) to help them populate and influence culture.  

Making the Perfect Pair

Some things just go well together: fish and chips, Netflix and chill… Things that can turn good into great when put together. And whenever we travel, there are additions we can make to help smooth the journey– like headphones on the underground o

How I Make It Work

Wherever I am in the world, I wake up 7am, tug on my trainers and get out the door before I have time to think about it. My routine might not change, but my surroundings certainly do. I could be running along the beach in Margate, Kent, near my flat

CES 2018 (told by the Knomo Sales Director)

CES 2018 was an exciting opportunity for Knomo to showcase new concepts and products that are coming up in the business. We use CES as a platform to showcase the direction of the brand for the upcoming year, as well as marketing collateral to support

Knomo included in Great British Brands 2018

We’re delighted to be included Great British Brands 2018, the definitive list of 150 luxury British brands. This feature was originally published on 09.12.17 at --- When Pippa Middleton was photo

How to Kickstart Your Personal Development this New Year

In comes the New Year, and with it the setting of aims and goals: the pursuit of a fulfilling and successful year. While the cliché “new year, new me” can be unrealistic, here are some of the things our team are doing to help kickstart personal

What is the #LiveFree Backpack?

We challenged ourselves to create the perfect 24/7 bag, and we wanted to test the product directly to real customers – so we launched the #LiveFree Backpack on Kickstarter. We can’t say thank you enough to those early adopter backers who pledged

2017: a year in review

Wow, that’s 2017 almost complete. Every year brings it’s new challenges and opportunities to do bigger and better – and the year just gone has certainly been Knomo’s greatest yet. We hope you enjoy reading about some of our most exciting pro

How to use Chipolo Tracking with Knomo

“Imagine a world where your next backpack is already trackable” Primož Zelensek, Chipolo CEO & co-founder. We’ve partnered with Chipolo to include a tracker within each #LiveFree Backpack – so that you always know where your belongings a

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