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Out of Office

The Knomo Blog
our inspiration for life organised

SODA Pop Up at Knomo

We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with SODA - the School of the Digital Age – in our Seven Dials Flagship store. One thing is for certain, the Knomo team are obsessed with SODA’s ultra-functional, uber-cool products – and kno

Virtual assistants are coming (and we can't stop them)

“Alexa, Play Moana on Spotify… NOW!” It’s 7:00am, just another grey Tuesday morning in the middle of a spring that refuses to appear. The sound of our two-and-a-bit year old screeching at the Amazon Echo in her bedroom has become a daily expe

Working Out Of Office 101

Some days we wake up, and really wish we didn’t have to go into the office. Other days, we’re eager for the hustle and bustle of an unfamiliar space. If you have to travel for business, work gets done in the airport lounge, on the plane, and in y

Beating start-up burnout in Tuscany

There are few places in the world that offer you a front row seat to all the latest trends, and London is definitely one of them. When those trends are applied to entrepreneurship and technology businesses, the heart of Shoreditch is the place to be.


Fast anything – food, fashion, design - and ecological sustainability can usually feel like two opposing ideas. Grow a chicken in a few weeks when nature dictates it should take a few months - that’s Frankenstein territory right there. This sort

Knomo Careers: Digital Marketing Manager

Knomo are looking for a driven and analytical Digital Marketing Manager to join their ecommerce team in their Central London HQ, taking responsibility for rapid and significant increases in consumer awareness, acquisition and online sales growth. Th

The Great Balancing Act

Thinking about how I make my life work is tricky thing to ponder, because much of the time it is less ‘worked out’, more simply ‘happening’. Less a smooth production line of progress but more as a tornado of different things being picked up,

Relaxed Rules: Dressing for work in 2018

Relaxed styling is becoming the new trend with many more employees feeling more productive and happier to wear a dressed down look. So, do less set-in-stone rules give you more freedom? Or leave you simply confused? A study conducted by Stormline re

Luxe Looks For Digital Nomads

Does the thought of bringing your work gear to the beach fill you with dread? In 2018, working holidays are ready to combine work with play in a whole new way. Gone are the days of backpacking heavy loads of unwashed clothes to tick off an ‘authent

Freedom through technology? Or from it?

I’m Will Harvey – Innovation Lead for creative agency VCCP. We work with some of the largest challenger brands in the UK and globally (such as Cadbury, TFL, O2, Easyjet and Compare the Market) to help them populate and influence culture.  

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