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Knomo (nó - mó)
Made up of two words
Knowledge + Mobility

Enjoy what you do

Beautiful intelligent accessories to get
life organised

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how it all started

Established 2004, at the turn of the laptop revolution, two friends were disillusioned with their traditional, corporate career paths and wanted to shake things up. Bags for men were boring and boxy, and bags for women had barely changed since the 1950’s. They started KNOMO to build a flexible working environment fuelled by passion; creating products that people loved, while enabling everyone to make the most of new technologies.

A life organised...

is about making every day easier; to feel safe in the knowledge that our belongings are always where we need them, ready for action.

Life Organised

Forget the 9-5, we work from the office, home and whilst on the go.

We need hard-working accessories for day to night, work to weekend use.

Who we design for

Our users get up and do. KNOMO stands for KNOWLEDGE and MOBILITY; for progressive individuals living and creating around the world, obsessed with the small details but focussed on the bigger picture. For the freelancers, the entrepreneurs, the co-working collectives, where every day is different, making their own rules.

Knomo (nó - mó)
Knomo (nó - mó)

Attention to detail

The KNOMO team is made up of fashion addicts to tech junkies, and everyone in between. We pride ourselves on innovative, thoughtful design that solves everyday issues when carrying our belongings and devices.

Kaizen: continual improvement

‘Kai’ (change) and ‘Zen’ (good) is the Japanese concept of Kaizen meaning ‘continual improvement’. We always ask for feedback, and our bags are tweaked frequently: if we want to get better at what we do, then we must constantly improve.

Knomo (nó - mó)
Knomo (nó - mó)


Each of our bags and organisers come with a padded technology section, designed for use with a specific sized laptop or tablet


From luggage to organisers, backpacks to iPhone cases, all our products feature multiple pockets and pouches for organising your things as efficiently as possible


We only choose the finest leather hides to create lasting accessories that only get better with age


All the fabrics we use are super-lightweight and spray coated to protect against dirt and dust


All the metal components are made bespoke for your KNOMO, from the zips to telescopic trolley handles to shoulder-strap adjustors


Our form-fitted cases are made from precision-moulded, polycarbonate shells, giving you access to all the device’s features


Custom hardware & re-inforced internal binding to base


You’ll find a unique MyKnomo ID code inside each of our bags. Make sure you register the code with us so we can help to reunite you with your belongings should the worst happen

Knomo (nó - mó)


United Kingdom
83 Great Portland Street London, W1W 7LS
+44(0)800 043 7924

North America
9375 SW Commerce Cir A7
Wilsonville, OR 97070
1800 737 5160

Suite 1018
333 Jinxiang Road
Shanghai, 201206
+44 (0)20 7462 0750

Olpener Strasse 25 51766 Engelskirchen
+41(0)173 9534104