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how it works

Knomo ID
Each of our bags and cases have a unique ID code double stitched inside
Register your Knomo ID
Register your new Knomo on below
Lost Bag?
Should you lose your product, there are instructions for the finder to get in touch with us at Knomo HQ
Return registered bags
We will collect your Knomo from the finder, and return it to you free of charge

your Knomo?

Let us know when & where you were separated, and we’ll do all we can to reunite you both.

Remember, in order for this process to work, registering your Knomo ID is essential.

This ensures our team can confirm which product is yours and get it back to you as swiftly as possible.


a Knomo?

If you’ve found a Knomo please
call +44 (0)20 7462 0750

The bag or accessory you’ve found belongs to someone, and the code inside should be registered to the owner.

So please help us in reuniting the product with it’s user and help us continue this service.

Success Stories

'I lost my laptop bag at Church, Praise the Lord it was a Knomo'

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