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Leather Double-Zip Briefcase

Spacious, Organised Luxury

Colour: Black


Availability: In stock

  • Available in 2 colors
      • Black
      • Brown
  • Features
    • Padded compartment to hold a laptop up to 15". Detachable/Adjustable shoulder strap. Magnetic tabs fasten the front flap. Open back pocket functions as a trolley sleeve.

  • Delivery
    • Delivery Van FREE Ground Shipping within the contiguous United States!
  • Materials
    • The leather used for the Brompton collection is a luxurious full-grain that is soft and smooth to the touch. The leather will age particularly well.

  • Size
    • Dimensions: H40 x W29 x D12 cm
      Fits laptops up to 15? (H39 x W26 x D3 cm)



Warwick has two zipped main compartments with organiser pockets within, to help keep all your belongings in the right place.


There are soft padded grab handles on top of the briefcase, as well as a wide, detachable (and adjustable) shoulder strap.


If you're travelling with Warwick, simply slip the briefcase over your trolley handle via the back slip pocket for the most convenient carry.

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  • Goodspeed
    No Compromise...
    What Knomo did with this bag is leave no room for compromise in their pursuit for perfection. Design ,features and value for money blows many bags away..
  • Adrien P.
    Yes, it's a bit pricey but, really, who cares, it's a fantastic bag ! If you're looking for a well made, strong and good looking bag. You've found it.
  • timmy
    In the non laptop side it could do with a separator or two for documents and papers, but overall fantastic. The whole bag has been made with amazing quality, exactly the same as a £800 Mulberry. Once again another stunning bag
  • evan
    No compromises. This is the most stylish and practical briefcase.
    This bag has something magical to it. Its classic lines, rich leather and lovingly-designed interior are a great pleasure. There are careful details to the handles, zips and seams that I've only just noticed, and which blend together to create a hugely practical and durable bag, which I feel confident to carry into all sorts of different work situations.

    Sarah Trinder at Knomo was very helpful and patient with me in selecting the right bag, as I was a little hesitant about spending this amount of money. But I haven't regretted it at all, and would certainly recommend Knomo's excellent and friendly customer service.
  • Dirk
    A lifetime investment
    Agreed with the guy above, I also chose my Knomo over a Tumi. The quality of the leather, zips and attention to detail on the interior is outstanding.I can see this bag will last me many years if I look after the leather. A real treat to myself, stoked!
  • Tyrone
    I didn't before but now, I Knomo
    The strap is surprisingly durable. I usually find that bags eventually hurt my shoulder or hands but I can hold this in my hands for hour long journeys and barely even notice. I had normally made a point of getting sports bags or holdalls to carry my bits around in which can look a bit strange on my way to work but until now, I hadn't had a bag that could carry my essentials without being over sized and unattractive.

    The shoulder strap feels secure and able to withstand the usual wear and tear you might expect from a bag and I find it easy to open the clips and remove the shoulder starps, even with my oafish large fingers.

    The interior is perfectly soft and quilted and the two colours work well together.

    For a little over £200, I recommend Knomo to everyone who wants a bag and everyone who comments on mine.

    Great value for money and it lives up to the good reviews I have heard baout the brand. I didn't before but now, I Knomo.
  • PollenTree
    Great quality
    I purchased this bag for myself, however my wife has now stolen it. She routinely over-packs it, throws it around and generally abuses it - the way you would if it cost you nothing :)

    Anyway, the bag just shrugs it off. The leather is very good quality and very hard wearing, yet soft and supple. Truly a brilliant product. Expect it will see many years of abused service...know the feeling. If you buy one, don't let your partner near it, it will be taken.
  • Dillon
    Very well made/stylish bag but heavy
    I fell in love with the bag when I first saw it for its design and quality of finishing including the details on the zips, buckles, and stitching. The best part is that it also protects the laptop well enough with a padded interior. I like the tan colour too. Stylish and fashionable.

    The only downside from making it a 5-stars bag is the weight. On its own, it is quite heavy. When I put in my 15" laptop, documents and power adapter. I could feel the strain on my arms/shoulders. Perhaps the designer might want to consider lighter materials for future production to make it easier to bring around.
  • Matthew
    quality and style, just shy of perfect
    great bag, absolutely beautiful. quality materials and craftsmanship. love the green lining. a grown-up bag that's stylish without looking silly. only things keeping this bag from being perfect are the absence of feet on the bottom of the bag, and it could be a bit more accomodating in specialized storage for the cords and other electronic detrious we call carry around with us.
  • Justin
    Fantastic Laptop Bag
    I was never intending on spending this amount on a laptop bag, but I could not resist the knomo. The quality of finish, the attention to detail and most importantly, the sheer beauty of the bag sets it apart from everything else on the market. I, and all of my friends love it, and we all agree you have a great product here!

    Keep making great products like this and I can guarantee that I will keep buying them!!!
  • Steve
    Oustanding quality, great value for money...
    There is no doubt that this bag delivers great value for money, high quality and a luxury feel. Compare the price to other brands in the same sector and you can't find better. The Warwick is my first Knomo and I'm considering my second already!