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Soft Leather Messenger Bag

Stylish Technology Organisation

Colour: Black


Availability: In stock

  • Available in 2 colors
      • Brown
      • Black
  • Features
      • Padded laptop protection pouch holds laptops up to 11"
      • Open back pocket with compart for your smartphone
      • Interior organizational panel for pens, business cards, etc
      • Front zip pocket for wallet and valuables
      • Snap-poppers secure the front flap
      • Extendable durable nylon weave shoulder strap
      • 2 year warranty against manufacturing fault
  • Delivery
    • Delivery Van FREE Ground Shipping within the contiguous United States!
  • Materials
    • The leather used for the Brompton collection is a luxurious full-grain that is soft and smooth to the touch. The leather will age particularly well.

  • Size
    • Dimensions: H33 x W24 x D5 cm
      Fits laptops up to 11? (H32 x W20 x D4 cm)

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  • Manuel
    i love that
    i have a sony vaio ultrabook 13 inch screen, and this bag is perfect for that. i only miss the closures with magnets
  • Manuel
    Pefect to my Ultrabook
    I have a Sony Vaio Ultrabook 13 inch and this bag is just perfect and a excellent inversion. I only miss closures with magnets
  • Jules
    Perfect for the Surface Pro
    After spending some time looking around for a nice bag to carry my Surface Pro and accessories, I came across the Knomo Kilkenny.

    It's a great fit and has plenty of room for the computer itself and my other accessories. If you like to keep things simple, this is the bag for you.
  • Alex
    Lovely bag
    I can't find something bad about this bag, it is perfect for my needs.
  • Chai
    Love it
    Fantastic bag, soft, beautiful feel. Hangs extremely well. Pockets are a touch tight, but hold beautifully.
  • David
    Perfect Size
    I put my MacBook Air 11" into this bag. Didn't want too much room as that only encourages me to travel heavy to and from the office. Holds USB cables, papers, and the charger with internal pockets for business cards and the such.

    My only wish (a minor one that does not detract from my review score) is that I would like a leather strap.
  • Klas O
    Great messenger bag for the 11" laptop
    I've been using a larger Knomo messenger bag for six months and seeing the 11" bag in shop made me buy it right away.

    Great quality, great design with several different sized pockets for all the things you bring in addition to the laptop.

    I can strongly recommend this bag.
  • Mauro
    Great leather/ fabric bag
    Great leather/bag

    MacBook Pro 13" will JUST fit. I tried. Although I would go for it.

    Perfect for 10" tablets though and other daily stuff. Very happy with i
  • Robert
    Ideal for Lenovo Thinkpad Helix
    I wanted a quality bag for the helix that also could hold the accessories including the charger. The Kilkenny is a perfect match.
  • Dominic
    Compact sized bag, perfect for Chromebooks
    Having already owned a larger Knomo bag for 5 years I know how well made these bags are. I wanted a much smaller messenger bag for the daily commute and this bag is the perfect form factor.

    I have a 12.5" HP EliteBook 2570p which is a tight fit, but is just accommodated. I also have a slightly smaller Samsung Chromebook Series 5 XE500C21 which fits just fine.

    Overall a really smart and well designed bag.
  • Andy
    Amazing bag!
    My weekday travels are usually very hectic and time consuming. This promoted me to investigate my options in sourcing a high quality bag which was light, of a high quality and able to organize my daily essential gadgets. I stumbled upon the Knomo kilkenny by a chance visit to House of Fraser on Oxford Street, London. Although a tad pricey for an 11" man-bag, at £165, it ticked all my boxes. Made of luxurious high quality leather with ample storage space in a compact design, I was immediately sold.

    On my daily commute, I carry my iPad, iPad mini, Kindle Paperwhite, PS Vita, Moleskine notebook, a selection of pens and styli, wallet and iPhone 5. This bag comfortably holds them all, without the squashed feeling I got from other bags.

    There is a main compartment inside the bag, which holds my iPad and Logitech keyboard. However, the bag is designed to accommodate up to an 11″ MacBook Air. Another main compartment houses further gadgets, and is home to my PS Vita and Kindle Paperwhite. The front zipped compartment is also roomy, holding a small Moleskine notebook and pens/styli. There is a large pocket at the back of the bag as well, providing immediate and easy access to my iPad mini and wallet, when on the go. Finishing is top-notch, with high quality soft leather on the front flap along with a subtle Knomo logo.

    In addition, Knomo provide each bag with a unique printed code. The idea is that the owner registers their bag/code with Knomo, and if found, the finder can call Knomo (free phone) to help reunite you with your gear.

    In conclusion, the Knomo kilkenny has definitely improved the organization of may daily commute. Be that on the train, setting up my iPad at Starbucks or for quick access to my Oyster/other cards. The high quality and style are a very welcome bonus. I cannot fault this bag and if the high price-tag doesn't put you off, you will struggle to find another bag offering the same quality and versatility in a compact design. 5/5
  • Roland
    This bag will exceed your expectations
    I'm a fairly simple kind of guy and when I was going to buy my second Knomo bag I really only needed it to do 2 things really well:
    1. protect my iPad
    2. carry my lunch

    I know from my first Knomo bag that protecting my iPad was a given. I know from before that their attention to detail with the design is flawless but from the bag dimensions on the internet I wasn't sure if it would hold my lunch.

    If Knomo believed in distribution then this wouldn't be a problem, see the physical bag and buy it! But that's another story.

    The Kilkenny is a small bag, that's the whole point of buying it, but you'll really be surprised at the amount of stuff you can put in it. I carry a note book (writing by hand, crazy when I've also got an iPad with me that's must me) several different coloured pens AND something to eat.

    This bag looks fantastic, it will protect your iPad or Mac Air, it makes it easy to find everything else you carry with you and for a small bag you'll be really surprised how it holds.
  • John
    Nice but a bit small
    I got my Kilkenny 11" yesterday and just have to say thank you. The quality is amazing and feels awesome. The only slight drawback is that the bag is a bit tight. I can't imagine one fitting more than an 11" air, charger, a notebook and a wallet in it. It will probably fit all those things just nice but nothing more.

    It wont fit a standard A4 notebook.

    Anyway, I'm really happy with the bag. Asides from being a tad smaller than I was expecting it's perfect.
  • Guy
    Just love it!
    Today I got my Kilkenny Messenger. The minute I set foot outside, I just HAD to take my new Knomo bag with me. There was room enough in it! I was amazed about how much you can take with you. I took my Ipad, Iphone, a deodorant, a magazine, and a scarf with me,... All of that in just one bag!

    The strap is very comfortable. You can easily adjust it to the length you want. Perfect!

    It's the ideal bag for men! I'm already addicted to it! :-)
  • Colin Francis David Jones
    Love, love, love...
    This is a lovely bag and looks even better in the flesh than it does in the photos. I buy a lot of bags, but this is already my favourite.

    It just looks so stylish and the fabulous leather just oozes quality. I use the bag to carry my iPad, my MacBook Air 11", iPhone, keys and morning newspaper.
  • Tim G
    Awesome bag - and *just* fits the Macbook Air 13"
    I wanted a beautiful leather bag to replace my a nylon Booq bag which was functional but not very stylish.

    I needed to be able to fit my Macbook Air 13" or my iPad depending on what I needed to use that day and came across Knomo and fell in love with the Bungo but disappointingly it only came for 15" and 17" laptops.

    Browsing online would not solve my problem because I needed to know how big the 15" Bungo was and if it would be overkill for my 13" Macbook and iPad so I found some stockists.

    It turned out the 15" Bungo is pretty bulky - great if you've got at 15" and need to carry around a bunch of accessories, etc. but I wanted something lighter.

    I came across this one the Kilkenny online, but ruled it out on the basis that it is for an 11". It turns out that I can *just* fit my 13" Air in there so it ended up being the perfect choice! Definitely won't fit a 13" Pro though!

    Anyway, really happy with the bag. It ticks all the boxes, but Knomo.. please make more 13" bags!!
  • SouthAfrican
    Greatest bag ever
    This is the greatest bag ever. It's the perfect size for your iPad, wallet, keys, ID and all other stuff always lying around in my car. Now I have the perfect stylish solution for a man bag, without the stupid looks of a man carrying a man bag. The quality and style of this bag is excellent! This was money well spent on a lifetime accessory. Well done Knomo, I've been looking for years for a perfect bag like this.