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    iPad Mini Folio Teaberry
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    iPad Mini Folio Teaberry
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    iPad Mini Folio Teaberry
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    iPad Mini Folio Teaberry
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iPad Mini Leather Folio

Colour: Teaberry


Availability: Out of stock

  • Available in 2 colors
      • Black
      • Teaberry
  • Features
      • Leather case can be used to protect your iPad Mini on the move, positioned upright for viewing movies & raised for typing.
      • Fully protective case with Sleep/wake magnetic closure on flap.
      • Soft microfiber lining with secure tuck-in tab to keep your iPad safe.
      • Form-fitted rubberised case.
      • Easy access to headphone jack/speaker.
      • Easy access to lightening connector point. -
      • Fits iPad Mini
      • Includes a 2 year warranty against manufacturing fault.
  • Delivery
    • Delivery Van FREE Ground Shipping within the contiguous United States!
  • Materials
    • The iPad Folio case is made from premium full-grain leather and a tough moulded plastic base .

  • Size
    • Fits an iPad Mini

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  • Ellie
    I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect case. It arrived imcredibly fast. It fits the iPad mini perfectly and it looks very elegant. I don't have to worry my iPad would get damaged when I put it in my bag. Highly recommended! A wider colour scale would be amazing, though.
  • Janus
    A pleasure to use
    Value for money is great as I was lucky to buy this in the sale. It is beautifully made. Wonderful snug fit and nice textured leather and a pleasure to use. I couldn't seem to work out the features for standing up the iPad without removing it from it's clipped in state hence 3stars for that aspect. I researched so many cases and this was by far the best iPad mini case I found. If I needed another I would pay the full price if necessary.
  • hammy
    Well made product
    This is a well made product with accurate cutouts for all the ipad mini features. Users need to remember to turn on the ipad's cover lock feature. Go to Settings>iPad Cover Lock/Unlock and turn the feature on. Hope this helps all the people who mentioned that the wake/sleep feature didn't work.
  • Max
    Great product
    They are very smart, professional and well made. It fits my iPad well and whilst keeping it thin and stylish.
  • Christopher
    I spent a lot of time looking for a quality leather case, that was more that just a sleeve. This fits the bill. My iPad is protected more than enough (I've dropped it a few times) and it still looks slim.

    Great product.
  • VIA4321
    Superb Product
    I am very fussy when it comes to protecting my electronic gadgets, I want protection, but I also want great aesthetics.
    I think the folio for the iPad mini strikes a very good balance between looks and functionality.
    The clip on rear shell fits nicely, tight enough to not move, but not so tight you fear for your device when you need to remove it. All the cutouts for the switches and plugs are easily accessible.
    The Leather and suede "flap" are beautifully finished and really show off the case in an understated manner.
    I feel the case is well worth the money and a recommendation to any prospective purchaser.
  • Darilyn
    It's perfect. Now I can drop it in my bag and not worry. Thanks
  • EJC
    Great case
    Although not cheap, this is a fantastic case and well worth the money. Ipad mini fits well. Would definitely recommend.
  • Big as
    Great product, customer service second to none
    A lot of reviews led me to this product I was not disappointed. An iPad mini is naked without this case
  • Alex
    Very smart cover
    The first thing you will notice is the fabulous leathery smell as you open the packaging. This is followed closely by the quality look and feel of product overall: The front outer leather is full-grain and the stitching is very good for something of this price. The inside of the cover is lined with a soft and tactile suede which is perfect for protecting the iPad’s screen. The back is moulded from a rubbery polymer which fits like a glove and helps in terms of grip. The cover closes with a muted snap which is articulated though magnets (and they do automatically switch the screen both on and off when opening and closing). There are pre-engineered spaces for all the switches, rockers and buttons including speakers, microphone, rear camera and charging port. Perhaps the most important reason for the addition of a cover is protection and in this regard the Mini Folio is first class. Having only been using this cover for 3 months or so, it’s difficult to gauge longevity so will update in due course...
  • Martijn
    Beautifull case
    Very good fit and quality and it makes your iPad look very professional. I love this case and I think it is the best looking case for your iPad. Nice one!
  • Tech weary
    Excellent iPad mini case
    An excellent, if pricey, case for iPad mini that combines good protection with light weight and style. iPad snaps easily and securely into plastic case, and attractive leather cover folds into positions for movie watching and keyboard use. Some of have complained that the entire case is not leather, but this design allows for light weight and probably better protection. In my careful home testing ;-) the case protected well against a drop of several feet. Somewhere I saw a user indicating that the cover does not lock and unlock iPad, but this is incorrect; it contains the magnets in cover that accomplish that. Overall, I am very pleased with the functional and attractive case.
  • Missusweezy
    Better than anticipated
    This case is as beautiful, practical and functional in person as it appears in the pictures. I have the red case with a purple material inside but I like it. I do wish it showed the inside covers on the website however. Love the hardshell semi rubberized backing which is firm and holds the iPad mini in quite well. Nice cutouts in the case for the speakers, on off switch, etc. The case back is black and blends nicely with the mini itself. Adds minimal additional weight, mostly because of the leather cover. Overall great product.
  • Kaz
    I ordered this case in anticipation of receiving an iPad Mini for Christmas. I wasn't too sure about it when it arrived but, since getting the iPad and using it on a daily basis, I am happy to say this is the ideal case which has received many admiring looks and positive comments. It fits perfectly and looks good. Now the matching iPhone 5 case is top of my shopping list as soon as it comes back into stock!
  • Helen
    Slim and light weight while still offering protection
    Just received my case, it really doesn't add that much bulk or weight to the iPad mini but still feels like it will offer good protection as I cart it around in my handbag. I also chose it as it seems to be one of the few cases on the market which folds into the typing position. Much better than the slightly cheaper cover I returned to a well know high street store earlier this week! Slightly disappointed that the magnet doesn't switch the screen off as with other covers, but I can live with that.
  • Ghostrider
    Best iMini Case Made
    Received a black iMini from Mrs. Claus...searched every retailer and after market accessory manufacturer for the finest quality leather case without adding bulk and complimenting the sleek style of the mini. Although unfamiliar with Knomo, the detail offered on this elegant eStorefront provided the necessary detail and confidence to order the black mini case. The results are unreserved and complete satisfaction with the product quality, style, functionality (exceeds the description by Knomo in comfort, protection, and magnetic flap for auto-wake/sleep. The shipment was prompt, with tracking, email notification, and on-time delivery. Congratulations Knomo on gaining my customer loyalty and referral to colleagues seeking quality professional cases for electronics and looking forward to selecting additional cases for other electronic devices and business cases.
  • Ruth
    The Best
    I have been looking for a case for my iPad mini for a while and this one is just right. The fit is perfect and the whole thing feels secure. I bought the red one and am pleased with the soft purple lining.
  • Allison
    I had been looked for a case for my iPad mini due to not liking the Apple smart case. I also wanted something that looked classy and stylish due to the fact that I feel that some cases look cheap and let's face it, the iPad's are not the cheapest on the market.

    The Knomo case fits perfectly and gives you access to all ports. It gives you extra protection to the rear as well as the front and feels really sturdy and looks really good.

    The only downside, and I've got to say not an issue, is there's no built in magnets so shutting the front cover doesn't send the iPad into sleep mode, and the colours are pretty standard but again not an issue.

    Overall, the Knomo may be pricey but if you want a case that fits perfectly and looks brill, this is the case to buy.

  • Madison WI
    Teaberry Case has Purple Interior
    I'm pleased with the quality, but I wish I had known before purchasing that the inside color on the Teaberry case is purple. Pink and purple isn't my favorite color combo, so I would have opted for one of the other colors. I was happily surprised, however, to find that the cover has magnetic closure to automatically sleep/wake the iPad. This wasn't included in the website description, so it was an added bonus.
  • LynnT
    Premium product, you get what you pay for!
    Received this item yesterday, which was a speedy delivery. A little disappointed that the internal colours for the iPad mini is not shown on the pictures so assumed it would be the same as the full iPad case. Unfortunately this is not the case so the black has a grey interior; a bit boring! Other than that the item itself is a premium product that fits perfectly all connections are available but the tablet is fully protected. The wakeup/sleep feature works, am very happy with my purchase and would buy from Knomo again. Keep up the good work!
  • Eric
    Wow! Everyone needs one.
    I got this case for Chrismas along with my new iPad mini. Everyone should have this case for their iPads. The leather is great quality and it looks fantastic. Stop reading this and buy one!
  • Simon
    Best case out there for the iPad mini!
  • Bob
    Not like the original, leather on front only!
    I own the iPad Folio for my iPad 2 and LOVE IT! The reason I chose it was the fact that it had a leather front and back so it feels like you are holding a quality book. When I picked up my new iPad Mini I immediately went to the Knomo site to order a Folio for it as well. I waited patiently for them to make them available and then placed my order. When I took it out of the box this afternoon I was VERY disappointed that only the front cover was leather. The photos do not show the back so I did not realize it would be different than the original. If you love the original and were hoping the mini folio would be the same beware.
  • Aliciacfc
    This case is sleek looking, feels sturdy, and fits properly. In my opinion the best case on the market. Well done Knomo.
  • Aliciacfc
    This case is sleek looking, feels sturdy, and fits properly. In my opinion the best case on the market. Well done Knomo.
  • Aliciacfc
    Brilliant case, fits perfectly and not bulky
    This case is sleek looking, feels sturdy, and fits properly. In my opinion the best case on the market. Well done Knomo.