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Saxby (Medium)

15" Laptop Messenger


Black matte

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  • Black matte
    Black matte
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All about Saxby (Medium)...


The Saxby courier bag is the perfect gadget-bag. Made from supple waxed canvas that is waterproof and lightweight, the Saxby is trimmed with soft black leather and is spacious enough to hold your favourite gadgets.


Register your unique Myknomo ID number found on the ID tag inside your knomo, and if lost, the finder can easily contact us with your unique code, and we will retrieve your knomo and return it to you free of charge.

  • Features
    • The Saxby courier bag is the perfect gadget-bag. Made from supple waxed canvas that is waterproof and lightweight, the Saxby is trimmed with soft black leather and is spacious enough to hold your favourite gadgets. -Holds up to a 15” laptop within its quilted laptop protection pouch with shockproof protection -Under flap lies a zip compartment that runs the full-length of the bag with organiser pockets within -Long zip along front flap for belongings -Large and roomy main compartment: A4 folders and files fit easily inside -Interchangeable elastic pockets can hold your mobile, PDA, keys or iPod -External back pocket is handy for your newspaper or book, with grab handle inside -Adjustable shoulder strap -Unique ‘If Lost’ ID number to help reunite you with your knomo

      Product code: 53-104-GRE
      Colour: Black matte

  • Delivery
    • Delivery Van FREE Ground Shipping within the contiguous United States!
  • Materials
    • Highly durable supple waxed canvas exterior that is lightweight and water resistant.
  • Size
    • Laptop Courier Bag fits laptops up to 15"

      Laptop Dimension: H 38 x W 25 x D x 3 cm

      Briefcase Dimension: H 39 x W 29 x D 11 cm

  • Suzanne
    Great bag for boys
    I bought this for my boyfriend, as I wanted him to have something decent but he refuses to have anything flashy. This was perfect - looks good and is practical for him to have on his scooter!

  • Will
    Great bag, great value
    This is my second Knomo bag, the first being a Kobe 15" brown leather messenger bag. It's quite different and yet similar in a familiar kind of way. That is, the way I like a bag to be: good looking, very well made, comfortable to carry, extremely functional, hard-wearing and with the added extra of security registration. Thank you Knomo for yet another great bag.

  • Janbushoff
    Stylish, functional and "traveler" bag.
    I've been using Knomo bags for several years now and 2 years ago my Knomo was damaged beyond repair. I didn't hesitate to come back to and order a new bag.

    My work as a trainer requires me to travel alot so I like Courier bags! And not too heavy!


    This bag has a great price, stylish design and it serves it's purpose! My MacBook fit's in perfectly (Air or Pro) I can store my MagSafe adapter, various cables and tools and even some papers! All the little pockets are really handy if you want to store your wallet or keys in the bag but have quick access to them.


    The bag has a very firm model! This protects your notebook! But it isn't a bag to be stuffed! So pack lightly :)

  • Thomas
    If you can't afford the Kobe, start here
    The Saxby was the first Knomo that I bought.

    Whenever it's not an appropriate scene for the Kobe (potential theft, snow/rain). The waxed canvas is right on time because it's durable and just as functional as the Kobe. The thing that you will notice is the capacity of the Saxby, its well-thought-out pockets everywhere. Saxby molds to your hip and has durable, well-built materials.

  • Jason
    Style meets functionality meets damn that's a sexy bag
    Ever since I purchased my Macbook last year I have had a moderate obsession with finding the perfect bag. I started with entry level bags by Incase, moved up to more advanced bags by Booq (Mamba Courier) and Thule, and even luxury bags from Waterfield products (CitySlicker) and Brenthaven (Collins). After extensive field testing and use, I find myself going for the Knomo Saxby the majority of the time, and for good reasons.
    The quality of design on the Saxby is amazing. The coated canvas looks luxurious and durable at the same time. The interior is a striking blue and feels like a very fine felt, I’ve had numerous compliments on the interior color alone. The laptop compartment is stitched a half an inch above the bottom of the bag, so laying the bag on the ground will not subject your laptop to a drop. The compartment is also well padded on all sides to protect your investment. There are tons of pockets for everything I carry, and everything tucks away in its own compartment and stays organized. I carry a Macbook Air inside a shell case, inside a leather sleeve, an Ipad in a slim case, a USB external drive, 2 flash drives, a Mophie USB charger, numerous pens, the Macbook Charger and 2 slim folders for paperwork. I also like to carry a moleskin notebook for traditional note taking. All these items fit extremely well inside the Saxby.
    One of my other favorite features is the fact that the bag stands on its own and never has to lean on something. The Ipad pocket is tucked away on the front and to the side, and on the other side is an expanding zipped pocket for your pens and other smaller gadgets. The bag does close with a velcro strap, which at first I did not like, but Knomo informed me that the decision was made to change the magnets to velcro because magnets will interfere with the ipad pocket and are not good for your gadgets, specially hard drives and screens.
    I only have two slight criticisms. I have grown accustomed to using the rear pocket of all the bags I have purchased as a compartment for a couple of manila folders with work related files. For some reason, the pocket in the back is not big enough to fit a traditional 8.5x11 inch paper, and magazines of that size. This seems like a bit of an oversight, as having the top of the zipper open up further, or moving the zipper higher up on the bag would allow a piece of paper to fit perfectly in this back pocket. The only other complaint is that the rear pocket carry handle has been removed in the newer models, so there is no way to lift the bag without using the shoulder strap. I would love a top carry handle to load or unload the bag to/from my shoulder or the desk.
    Overall, the Saxby has become my absolute favorite bag, because of the aesthetics and functionality. The quality is visibly apparent, and it becomes more and more impressive the closer you look. The stitching is pristine, the accents are impressive, and the only thing more luxurious than the exterior is the well organized interior. I definitely can’t wait to check out more items from Knomo.

  • Tony
    Early days but so far so good
    Customer service provided by Sarah Trinder was outstanding, her telephone manner and advice provided being excellent.

    It is early days to give a detailed review of the Saxby but so far I am delighted and the bag should meet all my needs. Perhaps optional carry handles would have been a useful addition.

  • Christopher
    Best messenger bag, hands down.
    I've owned this bag (Saxby, Navy shiny) for only a couple of weeks, but by far, this is the best messenger bag I have ever owned. It is the perfect size, has multiple places for your tech gear which are padded and situated in a protective fashion, and several secure zippered pockets for your phone/keys/goods.

    An additional note, the gloss finish on the bag is actually a bit more subdued than the photos, which I absolutely love. Very stylish and useful, built to last.

  • Frank
    Great messenger
    I’m an enormous fan of Knomo products! It started with my iPad Slim Sleeve I bought in a local Apple store. I loved the straight forward design and the quality of the product. Registering the Knomo Tracker eventually took me to their website and I discovered there was much more to Knomo than just an iPad sleeve!

    I recently got a Saxby. (my 3rd bag)
    It’s manly and stylish! And very well made! With lots of easy to use pockets for organizing. And I like the zippers on the large pockets. They form an extra barrier for pickpockets in Amsterdam rush our!

    I was a bit hesitant about the orange colour. But I like it. It’s more brownish than I expected!

  • Ali
    Great bag
    I love this bag. It has loads of pockets, is well designed so that you little bits, phones, ipods, pens etc are easy to find, with plenty of room for the bigger things. It's very light, making my macbook pro easier to carry, but looks like quality leather, even though it's canvas. And yes, it is waterproof, first time out, it chucked it down but everything inside was dry. The colour isn't bright orange, but more of a tan which I also like. The wide strap sits comfortably on the shoulder and is long enough to wear the bag across body. All in all I am very pleased and will probably use this bag for years to come.

  • Enzo
    The finish of the bag is perfect and the interior is thought-out very well. There's enough space for all your external hard drives, pens, writing pads or whatever. And the most important thing - it looks awesome ;-)

    P.S. I think the ID-Tracker system is a nice idea, even though it obviously doesn't prevent your bag from being stolen.

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