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Leather 15" Laptop Messenger Bag

Expandable, Organised & Spacious

Colour: Black


Availability: In stock

  • Available in 2 colors
      • Black
      • Brown
  • Features
    • The Bungo is knomo's classic messenger. With the bonus-value of a zipper-expansion built inside the bottom of the bag - the Bungo has a built-in padded sleeve to protect standard 15" computers. With multiple interior pockets and slip-pouches and an adjustable shoulder strap --this is the perfect bag for both work and play. *Available in black (shown) and brown.
  • Delivery
    • Delivery Van FREE Ground Shipping within the contiguous United States!
  • Materials
    • The leather used for the Brompton collection is a luxurious full-grain that is soft and smooth to the touch. The leather will age particularly well.

  • Size
    • Dimensions: H37 x W26 x D3 cm
      Fits laptops up to 15? (H39.5 x W29 x D11.5 cm)



Opening and closing your bag should be hassle-free, so the large leather flap is secured shut with wide, flat magnets.


A zip runs around the external edge of Bungo, so that you may expand the bag by 8cm, should you need some additional space.


If you're travelling with Bungo, simply slip the briefcase over your trolley handle via the back slip pocket for the most convenient carry.

My Knomo ID

Register your unique Myknomo ID number found on the ID tag inside your Knomo, and if lost, the finder can easily contact us with your unique code. We will retrieve your Knomo and return it to you free of charge..

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  • AndyM
    Exceeded My Expectations
    1st class product & the quality is exceptional.
    Ordering on-line & free delivery, is an excellent customer experience.
    Knomo products are to be recommended & I too have finally found my 'Man Bag'...
  • Mr. Bell
    I've been searching for years for an elegant and modern laptop bag. Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful leather. Nothing else like it on the market. Well done Knomo.
  • PaulB
    It goes everywhere with me
    I've had my Bungo for around 5 years now and I have used it for work every day, including my normal office but also countless international trips. It takes my laptop and power leads easily as well as my A4 notepad and an iPad in a case and the myriad sundry bits and bobs that you just need with you (cables, pens, keys, business cards, paracetamol...!).

    Over time it has become 'lived in' but never distressed or damaged. The expandable zip rarely gets deployed but is useful when needed (coming back from that conference with all those handouts!).

    It is very well made, stylish and easy to carry. The "best seller" status of this item may be down to me, as several people I work with (or their partners) now have these after seeing mine and asking where I got it.
  • Kevin
    The Bungo is what I consider an "end game" bag. For years I've settled on backpacks and messenger bags that were supposedly "top of the line", but trust me, you're really getting what you pay for with the Knomo.

    The construction and precision is superior to anything else I have ever owned. The style and finish is a professional's dream; sophisticated and mature. This is one purchase I am extremely happy with.
  • Pascal
    The bag is great, but Knomo's service is unbelievable!
    So I really LOVE my Bungo bag. I couldn't think of walking around with another one. So you can imagine my sadness when after 3 years one of the strap holders broke. I informed about what would be the best way to mend this and Sarah got back to me immediately asking me to return the bag and that they would take care of it. That was already more than I expected after 3 years. But delight was even bigger when I received a package with a completely new bag a week later. Thanks so much Knomo (and Sarah) for the incredible service!
  • Martin
    Perfect bag
    My first Knomo - but certainly not my last. I bought this bag in London - beatifully designed, perfectly crafted, cleverly engineered. I love the idea about the unique Knomo ID - even though I hope that I will never loose or forget my Knomo.
  • NicNac
    Customer Service
    Dear Knomo, I would just like to write to say a HUGE THANK YOU, for the customer service received from Sarah and Knomo, the quickness, helpfulness and over all kind and thoughtful service received is rare in the consumer world.
    I would recommend Knomo to many people - in fact, already have!
    Thanks again
  • Brad
    Seriously, the best bag I've ever owned
    I bought this bag around 5 years ago (mine is brown leather/green interior which I don't see as an option any more). I take this thing EVERYWHERE. Short trips back and forth to work. I throw it on the floor of my car. I strap it to my back and ride my motorcycle through the city. I bring it on long plane trips and long car rides. I always get complimented on its style. It has held up amazingly well. Normal wear on the leather (broken in), but everything else looks and functions exactly like new.

    I'll never buy another brand of laptop bag again, but I'll probably never need to buy another laptop bag again.
  • Tody
    I love it
    I received this bag about a week ago and I can't imagine my life without it :)
    It so amazing, the quality of materials and build are amazing. It looks great and feels great. It's very spacious, I can fit my laptop, wacom intuos5 and some books easily. There are also many additional pockets. This is the best bag I've ever had :)
  • Adamski
    Wonderful product
    The bag is exactly what I needed, loads of storage capacity, quality leather, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable over the shoulder, even with a lot of weight in the bag. The carry grip at the back of the bag is very useful, it makes it easier to grab the bag rather than using the shoulder strap.

    I would recommend this bag to anyone.
  • KNguyen
    Beautiful Bag
    I just got the this bag today and this thing looks and feel spectacular. The quality of the materials and built are amazing and worth every cent of the price tag. My 15in MacBook Pro fits snuggly in the designated slot. This bag has way more pockets than most people would need. I usually pay $50-$60 for a new messenger bag every 6 months because they would get old or I'd get bored of them. But I plan to use this one for a long time and would definitely buy from Kmono again.
  • Mikilaos
    The best quality ever
    The most practical
    I love my bag:)
  • Mark
    A great quality bag!
    I've had this bag for about a year now and have to say it looks immaculate still. The quality and workmanship is way beyond other bags i have seen.

    Its light, has a huge amount of storage, pockets etc and very comfortable.

    I love it so much, i've just bought its younger brother the Bungo (Small) for when i go out with just my iPad.

    I promise you, it will be hard to find a bag better then this!
  • Anders
    At last I´ve found a proper laptop bag!
    I´ve been hunting for a decent laptop bag for ages. But I think most of the bags up to this price range looks like school bags, until I laid eyes on this one. All the various pockets & the key fob just makes it complete for my intention. I´m REALLY happy with my choice of the Bungo.
  • Pierre
    Great bag - the perfect size for me
    I have been looking For a big that can carry my computer(s) and other gadgets and documents that is not too bulky. The Bungo (Medium) fits the bill perfectly for me as it balances functionality, protection and great style.
  • female_germany
    almost perfect apart from missing shoulder pad
    I bought it some weeks ago and travelled already several times with it. looks great, feels like good quality, is very practical, especially the fix-to-trolly sleeve on the bag wich one can pull over the trolley handle or remove with only one hand due to the small handle on the back.

    What I really miss though and dont understand (for 200€), is why the (quite cheap looking) strap comes without a leather SHOULDER PAD. The bag with laptop, cables and stuff is quite heavy, in winter no reall problem, but might even then ruin your coat after using it frequently due to abrasion.
    In summer it is REALLY ANNOYING because it will carve through thin clothes into the skin. I went to a leather shop and had a shoulder pad with velcro fastener made for me! quite expensive.
  • Mike
    Excellent Product!
    I have been using my Bungo bag for 2 weeks now and I just love it! Very well made and thought out construction. I really like the wide strap. It really distributes the weight very well on your shoulder. All of the compartments are well thought out and very usable. I am looking forward to many years of service from my bag. Keep up the good work!
  • gigigalli
    Great Bag!!
    I received my knomo Bungo...... yeah It's really pretty and well done....

    Thank you!
  • Dimitris - Athens - Greece
    Just the best value for money, you should promote your products to Greece
  • Celmiro
    When I look at my Knomo......I smile!
    Dear Knomo Team..,
    At 30/10/09 I offered myself a Bungo and I stopped to drop you this:


    When i look at my Knomo!! I smile..,

    The bags has style..,charisma..,and i feel that it is protecting
    my brand new 15.4" Macbook Pro.It does not work only outside..,
    it work in the inside too...It has given me more confidence on street..,

    Dude...keep up with a hard work..,play hard too..,

    Tight hug..,
  • Harri
    Mr. & Ms. Knomo!
    Just wanted to tell, how delighted i was to see THE knomo bag i'd admired in your website for a while at a DigiExpo exhibition stand in Helsinki, Finland. At last i got it! I'm very pleased with the design and the quality of my Bungo bag, very pleased. They are both things that i value in any product. Thank you for a good job in both of them.
    I'm sure my Mac will love it there, too.
  • Pranav
    I finally found it...
    To the bloody brilliant chaps at Knomo: I have been on a 12 year search for a reliable, comfortable, practical and fashionable work bag. I have tried Victorinox, Tumi, Coach, Timbuk2, Jack Georges, and Brenthaven. By sheer chance, I happened upon a listing for a Knomo laptop bag on the Apple site. I quickly navigated to your homepage and discovered a company that actually understood what it meant to commute and travel with a laptop and business essentials. My Bungo bag arrived today and I can confidently say it is perfect. I walk to and from work when I am in town and I know it will be comfortable and accommodating. I take ~75 flights a year for work so the pass through for my suitcase handle is thoughtful. And, like every good bag, I can stash my paper in the back of the case for easy access. Beyond function, the bag is simply gorgeous. Nothing against IT consultants, but I always felt like a techie heading to code with my prior bags. The Bungo is just classy and simply fits. Since I have also been searching for a new ‘wallet’ as well (I don’t carry a wallet, just a card case and money clip), I ordered a deluxe card case that will accommodate the few cards I do carry plus some business cards. My deluxe card case will arrive tomorrow. I already love this bag. I expect that I will also love my card case. Keep up the great work. I wish you all the success in the world and look forward to seeing more great products from Knomo. Thanks for the great work.