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Design Journal: Knomo by Case Power

Knomo are just in time to save the day. With US airport regulations no longer allowing flat-batteried pieces of tech on-board it’s never been more necessary to keep your devices powered up. Enter the ‘Knomo by Case Power’ 5000 mAh battery - now

Check This: New Fitzrovia Aubergine

This Autumn/Winter Season we wanted to bring a playful and modern, yet sophisticated colour-way into the mix. After the hot Orange Spring/Summer pieces, trends have moved towards dark purples for the darker months. Introducing our seasonal women’s

Our Tribe: Cycle Fever

Tour de France fever has hit Britain hard this year. Today we will see almost 200 elite cyclists on the third stage of the race – coming down from Cambridge and through London to finish at The Mall. We’ll be heading down to see the athletes cross

Check This: New Par Briefcase

It’s time to put Par under the microscope, to show you exactly how the latest Knomo briefcase has been put together. From the Balham Collection, Par is crafted from a lightly-coated cotton canvas. We’ve found this makes for great, lightweight bag

Our Tribe: 4 Reasons why London is Tech Heaven

1.Killer Transport Apps In London we love a good moan. ‘The tube was so busy’ or ‘the bus took forever to arrive’ is a staple morning conversation in Knomo HQ, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Far from it in fact, we’re forgetting the cou

Behind-the-Brand: Making the Knomad Video

By now you'll have heard of Knomad - the personal organiser with a portable power source included – the latest creation from the Knomo design team. We wanted to make a video to celebrate the possibilities of Knomad, the different uses and how the o

Design Journal: Inclusive Design Toolkit

As healthy, busy people it is easy to forget how hard everyday life can be for those less able-bodied than ourselves. Cambridge University have developed an ‘Inclusive Design Toolkit’ to accommodate diversity within product design, and increase a

Check This: Knomad Mini

Knomad Mini is the first chapter of the story; an exciting starting point launching us into new territory, the Knomad Category. We’ve put the portable organiser under the microscope for you, to talk through the features and components step-by-step,

Behind-the-Brand: The Story of Knomad

In the autumn of 2013 an idea was conceived. Our mobile devices, smartphones and tablets were always running out of charge. Knomo products are designed for non-stop action - life on-the-go – which means not having to find a plug socket when you’r

Design Journal: YikeBike

The transport of the future is finally with us: the YikeBike. The bike is electric and, at first glance, looks like the handle bars and seat have been attached the wrong way around. I previously described the YikeBike as a modern-day penny farthing

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