May 17th, 2010

Knomo’s Tips for Protecting your Brand New iPad

Knomo ipad sleeve

Knomo ipad sleeve

1. Protect your screen

One of the most amazing things about the iPad is its hugely desirable large screen, meaning a screen-protector is a must for this product. You could get away without one for the iPhone, but for the iPad, its much larger screen will scratch a lot more easily. Knomo suggests you grab a quality screen protector to help protect your device when you are on the move (Proporta do a good one).


2. Purchase an iPad cover/case

The iPad is not a cheap piece of kit so it goes without saying that a protective case is essential to prevent any scratches appearing. A good sleeve or cover will also serve as extra padding when you and your iPad are on the move. Whether you pick a sleeve or a cover, make sure it is of a high quality, looks stylish, is easy to carry and protects your pride and joy well.

Check out our first ipad cover here…


3. Think about the bag you carry it in

Getting a protective sleeve and screen cover will help keep your iPad newer for longer, but its no good if you pack it away in any old tatty bag with no protection! Make sure your bag has a laptop compartment or even a special iPad compartment so it is given even more protection from the other items in your bag.


Broken Ipad

Broken iPad 

Broken Ipad

4. Don’t leave it unattended

Keep your iPad safe. Although keping a hawk’s eye on your iPad at all times is not desperately practical (although we at knomo are going to give it a go- thats how precious ours is to us!), keeping it close at hand will prevent it being stolen. Never bring it out unless you are going to use it. Otherwise, keep it hidden from others. This gadget is so amazing that we would recommend that you don’t even trust your family with it- yes you heard us, trust nobody!  Its your iPad and its for your eyes (and hands) only.

But if you do want to show it off to the sorry populace that don’t have one, then by all means do, but remember to warn them “if you drop it, you pay”. :-)


5. Keep your iPad clean

Children, as a rule, must touch shiny new things. Unfortunately Apple do not have an app for scaring children away, and therefore, the iPad is guaranteed to attract fingerprints.  But even if you keep all children at a 1m distance from you and your iPad, the touchscreen facility will also guarantee that the iPad will eventually have fingerprints all over it. The marks will be only be visible, however, when the screen is off, when you are using any app with a dark background or you switch the main power off. To keep your iPad clean:

-Never use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or abrasives to clean the iPad screen.

-Use microfiber cloth and wipe in large, smooth strokes. If that doesn’t work well enough, add some moisture with a puff of breath and rub a bit longer without pressure.

-Caution: Don’t get any liquid near the edges and don’t apply pressure to the screen.


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