May 19th, 2010

What does you handbag say about you?

As designers of women’s luxury leather work bags, handbags and laptop cases, we at knomo have been looking into what your handbag says about you. Based on the book by Kathryn Eisman, we have identified 4 main handbag types: Shoulder Bag, Clutch, Backpack and Brief. Select the style you favour most and find out what your bag says about you….


Shoulder Bag: 


Women who wear shoulder bags are practical but also want to look good. They are sleek in design and leave the hands free to browse in the shops, talk on the phone etc. Women who prefer this style choose not to be a fashion victim, but make a considered choice about what will work for them in the majority of situations.


Clutch (laptop pouch!):


Women who carry a clutch bag are confident enough not to worry about carrying their whole life in their bag. They are not afraid to let a man carry their keys or lighter or whatever else won’t fit in their bag.




Casual and practical, the backpack represents wearers who are warm and young at heart. Today’s designer styles means that backpacks are no longer relegated to the countryside but are just as at home in the office, worn with business trousers or a skirt.



Rubi_red_patent_front-high res1

The brief is carried by those who are diligent, resolute and a go-getter. Not afraid of any challenges or obstacles, Eisman says the brief carrier “works harder, smarter and faster than her male peers and always insists that she’s ready to do more.”


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