May 6th, 2010

Don’t rain on my (Elephant) Parade…

Elephant 1

Walking into work the other morning we noticed something strage in nearby Market Place, (the bustling cafe/restaurant strip just off Oxford St) as a baby elephant seemed to have taken refuge on the curb. On second glance we realised that it had been wrapped up in brown paper and had enough stamps on it to take it to Timbuktu; of course we discovered on closer inspection that it has been placed there in aid of a massivley worthy cause, raising awareness for endagered elephants.

A total herd of 260 brightly coloured fibreglass baby elephants have been placed all over London as part of ‘Elephant Parade’, a campaign created by the charity to raise awareness about endangered Asian elephants. Each elephant is uniquely decorated by artists, designers and celebrities including Diane von Furstenberg, Paul Smith, Jack Vettriano and Lulu Guinness. Our ‘local’ elephant is called Frank and was designed by Leinz.


The elephants will be on display from May –July with a Mela on 30th June with Goldie Hawn and a Grand Elephant Auction at Sotheby’s on July 3rd. Miniature elephants are available to buy online at

Elephant 3

At time of writing, we have since spotted another Ele just on Great Titchfield Street, by the name of Radja, who is most clearly an Indian elephant! This bronze beauty is by artist Wilairat Tano, and is sponsored by China White. If you spot any other elephants near you, send your pictures in to us at




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