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Exciting news from Knomo HQ. Think catwalk, crazy outfits and extremely tall women. You’ve got it! Knomo are delighted to say we're collaborating with Models1, Europe’s leading modelling agencies. Models1, established in 1968, has gone onto dis


Unless you’re a Labrador or a five-month year old baby, then sleep is something that’s hard to get a lot of. Whether it’s a busy day or stressful things keeping your brain alert at night, sleep is precious. Especially at work - even us at the K

Sunday Night Tips: 1 Week Challenge

Friday night is the best time of the week - undoubtedly so – signalling 2 days away from the office, those impossible deadlines and the dreary reality of office life. Give a big Knomo hello to ‘Sunday Night Blue’s dodgy friend – Friday night.

'Lost at Church, Praise the Lord it was a Knomo'

It was a sunny morning on the 10th of July when Apple support specialist Allen received a call at Kingsland Church. Taking along his Knomo 'Stirling' laptop bag, filled to bursting with his Apple support kit. Allen - an Apple support specialist (che

Check This: Knomad Air

Knomad Mini’s big brother has just touched down. Check this out: Knomad Air As the name suggest, this latest Knomo Knomad is built to carry an iPad Air - or any other 10” tablet - with an updated and adjusted interior, it’s the next step up fo

Sunday Night Tips: 12 Hours Extra Weekend

These weekends just don’t last long enough. From the moment you get out of work on a Friday to arriving back on Monday morning gives you approximately 63 hours (that’ll be 6pm Friday to 9am Monday) to make the most of. Wouldn’t it be great to g

Top 5: Last of the Summer Weekends

Unfortunately, summers are far too short for our liking – especially if you live alongside the English weather – and so it’s vital that we make the most of those lazy, carefree summer days before that familiar winter chill starts to creep in. W

Our Tribe: An iPad Reunion

That terrible sense of panic when you reach into your bag to grab your laptop/phone/tablet and... it isn’t there. Cue panic and lots of swearing. The Knomo Solution: a MyKnomo ID tag, stitched into every bag, purse and iPad cover we make, to help t

Sunday Night Tips: Monday Night Social Club

Hating Monday morning is old news. Let’s give a cold welcome and a boo-hiss-boo to the hardest day of the week’s cruel stepmother – Sunday Night. It’s 2014 and there’s been a cultural shift towards the fear of the start of the week, rather

Design Journal: NEW Mayfair Collection

Introducing the all new Knomo women’s collection – Mayfair. We thought we’d show you how the latest range of women’s bags came to be, as well as some pages from Eva's Design Journal - Knomo’s Head of Production. For this Autumn/Winter seas

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