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Out of Office

The Knomo Blog
our inspiration for life on the go

How To: Own Your Presentaion - Pecha Kucha - 20 Slides, 20 Seconds

Source: Presentations; you either love them or you hate them. But with 75% of people saying they hate talking in front of an audience, it looks like most of us fall into the latter camp. Whether if you’re a fan or if they fill yo

Knomo Turns 10

It’s been a mega year for us so far: Our biggest, most-exciting events; some amazing collaborations arranged (both pre-Christmas and for next year), an upcoming redesign of our Knomo HQ and Flagship store, and great new members joining the Knomo te

6 Ways To Make Meetings More Productive

A recent study revealed that 47% of workers believe the biggest waste of time at the office is “too many meetings”. 45% of senior executives agreed saying employees would be more productive if meetings were banned on at least one day each week. F

Enjoy What You Do: Jan Wong - OpenMinds

Jan Wong first appeared on our radar when he posted a #MyKnomo image on Instagram. We started following his various accounts and realised we'd stumbled across a serial entreprenuer with a humbling attitude - Jan's our sort of guy. His current 'main

The Power Of Choice: Ronald Reagan's Shoes

Back before department stores and the abundance of styling options available today, shoe makers – cobblers – would make each individual pair after sizing your feet. ‘Off the rack’ didn’t exist, and you would wear the one pair for every occa

Life Organised: Travelling With Technology

Getting away this summer? 60% of the UK will be heading for a more relaxed climate - most of whom will be travelling with technology of some sort. Remember why you wanted to go away and make the most of your break. User image by suitcase entreprene

Knomo July Edit

It's high holiday season, and London's having a heat-wave to match. We've chosen some of our favorite pieces and new releases specially for our July summer edit. Keep cool on the go everyone. New Chepstow Carry-On Trolley Taking a short break over

9 Rules For Travelling in London

Travelling in London can be a thorn in your side. Especially as temperatures soar and the number of visitors to the city grow. Avoid the drama and make the most of these 9 rules for travelling in London. Oxford Street = a Circle of Hell As summer st

Philippine Fashion Week 2015

Power Mac Center X Philippine Fashion Week, featuring Knomo with Jeffrey Rogador, source: @PowerMacCenter Over the weekend, Philippine Fashion Week paired Fillipino fashion designers with worldwide tech brands, giving Knomo an opportunity to hit t

Technology For Tomorrow: The Questioning Tool

Source: Though I do not believe in segregating right and wrong answers in an open question, this hand-written note from William Ferriter poses a spot-on argument

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