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The Knomo Blog
our inspiration for life organised

The Psychology of Organisation

Putting a routine in place to become more organised is great. But a much healthier practice would be to think more thoroughly about why we want to be more organised and what factors play a role in the structure we try to create for ourselves. We ofte

#LifeOrganised with Megan Macedo - The Business of Self Disclosure

Am I going to continue being what I think I have to be according to everybody else's rules? Or was I going to step up and give the world what I have to offer? Megan Macedo is a marketing strategist, writer and founder of Becoming Yourself in Busin

4 Reasons to Embrace the Backpack Life

Long gone are the days of oversized textbooks and mum's packed lunches; the backpack has finally found its place in the grown up world. If you’re always on the move, it's hard to find a better everyday companion, and we want to give you 4 fail safe

How To: 5 Tricks for Working Effectively From Home

No commute, a private office and more flexible working hours. Just three perks of working from home that mean more time to do what you need to do, and usually a happier team in general; employees who feel empowered and responsible for their own work.

#LifeOrganised with Bernard Capulong, co-founder of

#EDC stands for Everyday Carry, search on Google or Instagram and you'll find a worldwide community dedicated to finding the best gear out there. We caught up with Bernard Capulong to find out the story behind and his tricks f

Introducing: The Mag:Mount

We’ve been making form-fitting cases for Apple devices since the original iPod Classic and first gen iPod Nano. Through the years we’ve explored leather sleeves, folios and shell cases; and wanted to introduce a collection of cases that really m

This is Why Multitasking Isn't Any Good for You

Knomo Davies Double Zip Clutch It’s easy to trick ourselves that working on multiple jobs at once is productive, and often it even feels like we can keep organised this way. Juggling different projects and different methods of work is almost a s

8 Tips for Travelling Connected: #LifeOrganised with WorldSIM

Knomo Vigo Tote Trying to stay connected while abroad is definitely one of the downsides of travelling.  Being a slave to hotels and cafes with free Wi-Fi, excessive data roaming charges and loss of connectivity are just a few of the problems we en

AW15 Men's Lookbook - #LifeOrganised

Take a step into the world of #LifeOrganised The Knomo Autumn/Winter Season sees a maturation of our men's collections. We've deconstructed, tweaked and refashioned the bags and accessories - internally and externally - for a cleaner, more premium s

AW15 Women's Lookbook - #LifeOrganised

Take a step into the world of #LifeOrganised The Knomo Autumn/Winter Season was inspired by Mid-Century art and the natural world. Sumptuous, earthy colours fill the pallet - deep espresso and sage; perfect for the colder months - all with re-emphasi

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