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Knomad Leather on Film

  Knomad Leather was always the next step in our line of Knomads: made from a polished-look, colourful leather they offered a more playful, fashion forward angle for the original organiser. We worked with 5 creative professionals in London, gi

Our Week on Instagram 16.01.15

It's been a great start to the new year with plans being made for our year ahead. See our week on Instagram below for a round-up of some activity so far. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @knomolondon to see more of our bags and cases, London life an

#MyKnomo Christmas Competition Entries

A big thank you to everyone who entered the #MyKnomo Christmas competition! We will be running similar competitions because we get a real kick out of seeing people using their Knomo bags and cases, as well as the collections that people have built up

Knomo on Stuff.TV

CES 2015:  Knomo took to the stage to present our latest battery powered products: Knomad 2.0 and the Elektronista Digital Clutch. Knomad 2.0 When Knomad was released in the summer of 2014, we could have only hoped everyone to enjoy and use the or

Fall Back in Love with Work this January

What’s the point? It’s January and everyone’s feeling flat. Your pessimism is peaking and, as a result, your life at work is feeling stale. You’re holding on to your motivation tighter than your post-Christmas purse strings and losing sight o

#CES2015: The Backseat Approach

Knomo are excited to see the first automated cars unveiled at CES2015. With vehicles showcased from BMW, Mercedes and Google on show, highly automated driving is no longer a thing of the imagination. See the driverless BMW i3s beneath. Mercedes aptl

#CES2015: The Button Sized Computer

If you’re trying to come up with the world’s next revolutionary wearable, what would your biggest obstacle be? For many companies, their killer idea is held back by a lack of accessible technology; I know what I want to do, but I don’t know ho

Overcoming Your Inbox

If you’ve been away over the holidays you know exactly what this is about. Sometimes a day is all it takes to overwhelm you – the inbox explosion, endless information and one-sentence conversation threads that are entirely resolved or nothing to

Onwards to CES 2015

It’s that time again. Not just an exciting new year ahead of us, but the Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas each January; the largest technology conference in the world. Onwards to CES 2015. CES 2015 will be Knomo’s fourth trip. Each


'Running out of battery is not an option...perfect for a girl that travels or one that doesn't want to compromise on style for practicality ' Pocket-lint choose Elektronista as one of their top 11 curated gadget gifts for girls. Check out their list

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