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Our Inspiration for Life On the Go

Bond Never Dies

Bond brings technology and fashion together. A purse that charges your phone; the modern woman’s answer to life on the go. Today, leaving the house with a half charged phone – or having your phone run out of battery midday – can lead to disaste

First Time Travelling Alone?

You’ve made the decision to go it alone. That’s the biggest step… that and the small matter of arriving fresh off the plane clutching your new best friend: your backpack. From then on: freedom like you’ve never known before. Believe me, it’

The Office Space Complex

‘The Office’ has had a makeover. The perfect working format consisting of a one-person-per-desk cubicle just doesn’t cut it, but trendy open–plan spaces are feeling like old news, too. Less is more in the modern approach. Now more than ever b

Valve Software - In Love with Company Culture

Company culture is fast becoming a key factor when considering a job offer. Company values and flexibility of work are now the perks of the job, replacing the pre-recession tactics of pay rises and bonus’. We’re going to look at company cultures

Out the Office/In the Zone

If a ship is to track a steady course, things have to run normally. This means routine and constant communication, but we all know how draining this can be. What if your usual workplace wasn't always the best place to be? Want to escape the disruptio

#MyKnomo Competition Entries

A big thank you to everyone who entered the #MyKnomo competition to win a 5000mAh Knomo battery! Beneath are the entries - which do you think is best? Winner to be announced on 02.10.14!

Soho Leather Knomad Organiser

The wait is finally over. The Knomo Knomad’s sumptuous leather sibling has just touched down in London, and we can’t wait to see what you think of them! Organise all your gadgets and belongings in the unique Knomo fashion; fall in love with the

Almost Naked iPhones

Knomo have experimented with ‘Shell’ iPhone cases over the years, and we can safely say our latest designs are the best to date. Alongside an iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Folio and Sleeve, we’re re-introducing the traditional-style phone case as part

Ditch the Wallet/Protect Your iPhone

Knomo iPhone Cases through the years: 3G, 4S, 5, 5S and iPhone 6 Folio cases are arguably the best accessories to protect your smartphone in style. If your iPhone case can also double as a mini card case, you must be onto a winner. So ditch that wal

The Waterproof Twist

The Knomo Brixton Collection has been an essential in our roster of men’s bags for a long time. It’s included luggage, messenger bags and currently keeps it simple with the Lincoln Briefcase and, of course, Fargo Backpack which we’ll be focussi

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